1 day football trial


1 day football trial at MHSC club


Why should you come ?

     Several avantages :

  •  The club wishes to discover new foreign talents : goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards.
  • You will be trained and tested by MHSC staff, no intermediaries
  • You will be tested within MHSC academy
  • If your skills match the MHSC standards, you might be invited to join the club


15h00 : Reception and registration

15h15 : MHSC training center visit

15h45 :  Locker room

16h00 : Training session by MHSC staff - Technical & physical evaluation. 

17h00 : Pause

17h15 : Match Session

18h30 : Locker room

18h45  : Players debrief and depart


Price and next events


(All inclusive)

Included in formula :

  • 1 day trial in MHSC club
  • 1 MHSC shirt

Training center

Thanks to the 2012 Ligue 1 champion title and its participation to Champions League tournament, MHSC developed a brand new training center.

Today, the MHSC is one of the best academy in Europe. In 2014, the club was elected best academy for Goalkeepers in Europe (CIES - Football Observatory).

It is located next to the club's headquarters and benefits from all accommodations (dormitories, fitness room, medical center, fields, changing rooms, classrooms...).